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Should I Run A 5-1 With My Volleyball Team? | Cortina Volleyball

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 15, 2016 7:29:58 PM / by Maicen Young posted in Volleyball System, Setting, Coaching Volleyball

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There are a few main systems that volleyball coaches will implement for their team. There is a 4-2 system, also known as front row setting, where the setter is positioned in the right front area and sets two front row hitters. There is a 6-2 system, also known as back row setting, where the setter is positioned in the right back area and sets three front row hitters. There is also the 5-1 system, which is a hybrid of the other two. The setter is the only setter on the court, and will be positioned in the front or back row depending on what rotation they are in. While each system is effective in its own ways, the 5-1 is favored among many coaches for its tendency to breed consistency and provide two different offensive looks to keep defenses on their toes. Despite its popularity, the 5-1 is definitely not suitable for every team. Before you decide to commit to this, ask yourself "Should I run a 5-1 with MY volleyball team?" Let's consider a few things before you say yes!

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